Local Sushi Chef Demands The Best

Locally owned Samurai Sushi recently hired our team to treat their entire kitchen and seating area with our Vapor Cleaning Solution. This service is regularly used to keep the space sterile and fresh. By using just H2O we are able to clean even the most sensitive or areas in a working kitchen. If you have a working restaurant and cannot afford the downtime but still demand to have regular cleanings to ensure you guest the best experience give us a call!

Vapor Cleaning Solutions

So maybe you have heard of steam cleaning, but have you heard of vapor cleaning? Vapor cleaning is done with just H2O but it is heated much hotter than your regular steam cleaner that you buy at the hardware store. The special devices heat the water to over 300 degrees F and our even molecularly changes the H2O molecules so that when they come into contact with contaminates and other microbes, bugs, viruses, spores, and such the molecule tears open the contaminate and exposes it to the intense heat. This process or TANCS treatment of the water makes our system the only EPA approved vapor cleaner on the market. If you know someone who has allergies, or is very sensitive to chemicals, or ma

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