Hard to reach areas? We have you covered.

Some places are just to difficult for a restaurant staff of kitchen team to clean. That is why many places call us in for routine maintenance of their equipment. Our systems allow us to delicately clean hard to reach pieces, and not contaminate the surrounding area. We are able to literaly tear through build on on belts like these that are on broiler ovens. Give us a call @ 206-529-4700 if you need to clean your equipment. Doing so now is much cheaper than facing down time due to compliance or health concerns.

Residential applications for our Vapor Cleaning Services!

Do you need to sterilize your kitchen appliance and fixtures? Maybe you don't know if you need to or not, but lets remind you that bacteria and viruses build up in areas that you touch every day. Our vapor cleaning equipment is capagble of quickly and safely sterilizing, not sanitizing, your equipment or fixtures. We have great packages available for any size home, condo or apartment! Give us a call at 205-529-4700 to set up a consultation to learn more about our services!

Before / After... 7+ years of neglect and build up removed in one morning.

Our customers have sometimes inherited years of neglect and build up. Sometimes just the removal of the buildup will destroy the surface itself. Our vapor machines versus pressure washers allow you to control what you clean with more accuracy. We are able to cut through again literally 7+ years of neglect in just a morning without further damaging the client's drywall and paint.... With a pressure washer or heavy degreaser you would have had extensive surface damage after the cleaning.

Mold treatment using our TANCS vapor machines

Our vapor machines are equipped with the only EPA approved TANCS system on the market. This is ideal for iradicating viruses, spores, bacteria, and mold. My treating the H2O with nano crystals the cystal literally tear through the cells and allow the extreme hear to penetrate and kills all organisms, thus killing 99.9999% - True Sterilization! We have used these systems to help not only our residential cusyomers, but our commercial ones as well. If you need addition remediation of mold spores from your commercial carpets give us a call. We combine this service with our top of the line HEPA vacuums to provide your treatment. To learn more about TANCS click here to download our flyer.

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