You might say we know our way around a kitchen!



In 2018 alone our night teams spent over 25,000 hours cleaning commercial kitchen  spaces in Downtown Seattle alone!



Does your team need help with a deep cleaning or appliance vapor cleaning?


We deep clean restaurants, commercial kitchens, cafeterias, cafes and bars at night or early AM.

With over 4.5 Million sq.ft of kitchen cleaning in 2018 alone

our teams are qualified and experienced.

Are you a new owner of a restaurant or bakery and you need help getting your kitchen back into shape!

We have you covered!

Commercial Cleaning

Seattle and Bellevue




We remove months, even years of neglect in just hours


Vapor &


High heat systems equipped with TANCS® boilers, Kills 99.999%


Appliance exteriors, tile & concrete & tile floors, roppe baseboards, backsplashes, wheels and legs plus more!

Tile & Grout

Clean your kitchen tile, concrete, and backsplash, then seal.


Tile, grout cleaning, grout repair, re-sealing, polishing and buffing surfaces.



Stainless Steel

We sterilize when we clean, removing months or years of neglect.


Shelves, racks, prep stations, counters, freezer and fridge walls and floors

Routine Service


Deep Cleanings

We have affordable routine visits, or you can pay as you need us.


Monthly, QTR, or Semi-Annual, we have solutions to fit everyone's budget.

FREE Consultations Monday - Friday, 9AM-5PM

Let us help you change the face of your restaurant

Learn more about Vapor Cleaning

We believe in doing common things, uncommonly well.

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