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The cleanliness of your office or facility is the key to keeping your staff and guests/patrons safe. It is imperative that you have a professional cleaning firm like Emerald City Cleaning servicing your facility, true sanitization of your area requires using the right tools and equipment along with proper training chemical application. At Emerald City Cleaning, we have always been on the forefront of this technology and have the chemicals and instruments to make any facility safe to reopen.

Electrostatic Spray Technology

The most advanced application for disinfecting of all surfaces!

Our professional electrostatic backpack sprayers is a tool that applies disinfectants and sanitizer to surfaces allowing for 360-degree complete coverage, enabling us to also cover up to 20,000 square feet in just one tank of sterilizer.  Our handheld sprayers are used in conjunction with the backpack units, allows us  to maneuver in tight spaces, and still provide the same 360-degree  complete coverage.  

The Benefits of Electrostatic Sprayers

The electrostatic disinfection process is an innovative process that saves energy, time, and labor costs as it provides a more efficient way of applying sterilizer when compared to the traditional cleaning techniques.  

Electrostatic Technology

When using an electrostatic sprayer the disinfectant is atomized then it passes through an electrostatic induction nozzle, further charging those molecules using a bipolar power supply before the disinfectant exits towards the target areas & surfaces.  The bipolar charging of the molecules causes the electrical charges to be re-distributed, causing the disinfectant to have extra of either a positive or the negative charge so they then seek the opposite charge when sprayed. 


The electrostatically charged droplets are then highly attracted to grounded areas and surfaces allowing it to cover all sides, edges, backsides of surfaces, and hard to reach spaces.  This wraparound effect of the electrostatic sprayer provides consistent coverage of the disinfecting solution throughout all areas & surfaces, which in return also reduces the overuse of sanitizer.

We currently use two different sterilizers with our electrostatic technology: Shield disinfectant & FDA disinfectant.

Food safe environment disinfectant  



Disinfects surfaces after application 


Needs to be reapplied frequently 


EPA Approved


Safe to be around food, FDA approved 

Listed to kill the Covid-19 


Kills Micro-Organisms:



Escherichia coli
Staphylococcus aureas
Campylobactor jejuni
Escherichia coli
Klebsiella pneumoniae
Listeria monocytogenes
Salmonella choleraesuis
Shigella sonnei
Yersinia enterocolitica
Enterobacter sakazakii

ATP testing can be performed onsite 

Shield disinfectamt 



Provides prolonged sanitizing & disinfection


Can have full effectiveness for 3 days - 1 week+


EPA Approved


NOT safe to be used in food environments

Proven to Kill the Covid-19 by ind. lab


Kills viruses* listed below:


Adenovirus Type II & IV

Bovine Adenovirus Type I & IV

Feline pneumonitis

Herpes simplex Type I

Herpes simplex Type II


Influenza A2 (Aichi)

Influenza A2 (Asian)

Influenza B


Parainfluenza (Sendai)

Rous sarcoma

Reovirus Type I

Simian Virus 40




*Tested by Emerald Cleaning LLC to be effective on Covid-19

Culture swab testing by cert. microbiology lab

Food Safe Disinfectant

Not all facilities or areas can use our Shield Disinfectant.  If you require disinfection in a restaurant,  kitchen, cafeteria, grocery store, or food manufacturing plant we have an EPA and FDA approved disinfectant that we can use safely at your facility.


We use the same electrostatic sprayers to apply this disinfectant, and it has the same killing power as our Shield Disinfectant, it just does not continue to work after it has been applied.

Shield Disinfectant

Through our partners in Seattle and CA, we have been chosen to be the FIRST (and only now) CLEANING FIRMS IN US to distribute and use a revolutionary antimicrobial surface treatment that is already EPA approved and independently lab tested to kill the Covid-19 virus.  This antimicrobial treatment has been used for many years in the USA, but now has been approved for use in the fight against the Coronavirus(es).  


The way our Shield Disinfectant works is after application by our electrostatic sprayers, the antimicrobial treatment forms a molecular thin barrier on the treated surfaces.  This barrier then continues to kill on contact bacteria, fungi, pathogens, and viruses including Covid-19.  This barrier will last on the surface for up to 30 days in the lab and 7+ days in recent real-world testing by our staff.  In order to ensure your facility has full effectiveness, we can perform lab testing that proves the surfaces are still protected and adjust the frequency of the subsequent applications of the treatment accordingly.


Some areas will require reapplication more often than others (doorknobs, switches, high touch, and high traffic areas to name a few), but we have testing results showing it will last in these areas for over a week.  

Stay one step ahead, we will need to live with this virus for perhaps years, start being proactive instead of reactive!


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