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First Homejoy now Handy?

Again, this is why our workers are all employees. If you are going to contract out to ind. contractors or 1099 status, then you need to treat them that way. Companies like this always look good because they offer a service for so cheap, and it is so convenient. Problem is they set up the ind. contractor for failure not success.

Our teams offer all the same considerations. Online ordering, GPS tracking online bill payment and more. But our scheduling system is in sync with our online offerings, so you don't get a call back saying "well that appointment you made online, that is not available anymore" because the online portal is incapable of viewing the individual's calendar.

Before you hire someone because it is cheap, ask are you going to get the service you are paying for? Fast, Good Cheap... you can have two of these, and usually good is the one that suffers.

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