$50.32 / Worker / Hour

Work with a member of our staff to devise your own custom scope.

Service Packages

Find the package that fits your needs, then layer on any additional services. 

Remember, we'll work together to customize your scope of work.

Routine Cleaning

Whether you need weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visits, we can schedule you for the day that works best!  Just leave us a note if you have something that needs special attention and we will take care of it.

Starting at $105*

Move-In Cleaning

We know you are excited to move into your new home, but let us prep the space for you before you fill the closets, pantry, and rooms.  We pay special attention to drawers, closets, baseboards, walls, appliances and more.


Move-Out Cleaning

Whether you are listing your house or condo, or looking to recover your entire rental deposit, we can help you whip your home back into pristine shape.


1 BD - 1BA  starting at $145

2BD - 1BA  starting at $190



* - $105 is for 1 worker for 2 hours and does not included any surcharges like pet or parking.  2 person teams start at $145 for 2 workers for 1.5 hours, again, this does not include any surcharges.

Deep or Spring Cleaning

Sometimes it takes some extra attention to get your home back up to par.  Our teams will come in and get underneath all your furniture and clean from ceiling to floor, eliminating the dirt and grim. Learn more

Starting at $330 | 6 man hours

Event Clean Up

Let our team come to your party venue to clean up before or after your event.  We will even come dressed accordingly and help you upon the completion of your function, packing up your rentals, doing dishes, while cleaning and straightening.


*Consultation needed to assess cost.

Special Request

If you have a request, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss with you options and additional services like:packing, unpacking, organizing, de-cluttering, or deep deep cleaning.


*Consultation needed to assess cost.


Vapor Cleaning Specialist!

99.99% Disinfection and sanitation. No chemicals, just vapor!

Additional Services


Add any service to your cleaning package.

Oven Cleaning

  • Oven Interior cleaning (Standard) - $45

  • Double Oven Interior cleaning (Standard) - $80

  • Oven Interior cleaning (Vapor) - $80

  • Double Oven Interior cleaning (Vapor) - $150

Window Cleaning

  • Window Interior (Max. Height 8') - Starting at $45 (billed hourly afterwards at standard rate)

Refrigerator Cleaning

  • Fridge Interior Cleaning (Standard) - $45

  • Fridge Interior Cleaning (Vapor)- $85

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We believe in doing common things, uncommonly well.

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Customer Service Guarantee!

• All cleanings that are not time restricted will have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

• If a customer is unhappy with their routine, initial, or deep cleaning service we will send out a team or supervisor within 24 hours to address their concerns and re-clean the area in question.  

• All routine cleaning must have an initial cleaning prior to starting service to qualify for our Satisfaction Guarantee, additional deep cleanings may be required as warranted by team/supervisor/customer.

• Timed cleaning options, whereas we are only allowed to stay at a home for a designated time, do not carry our satisfaction guarantee.  

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