Studio Units $105

We suggest a $105 cleaning

Which includes a parking fee, and 1 worker for 2 hours, as well as all the equipment and supplies.

Micro Units


Our min. is $105, if you get a neighbor to have their space cleaned at the same time we can charge you just $105 for 1 worker for 2.25 hours.  Units will be billed separately, additional fees may apply (parking, pets)

1 or 2 Bedroom 

start @ $145

We suggest 2 workers for 1.5 hours for $145.

We will do our best to complete our checklist, but if you have specific areas you can always leave us a note.

Move outs

start @ $220

Getting your security deposit back is important, that is why we suggest a professional cleaning after you have removed 100% fo your items, we have several options to choose from!

Micro Cleans $105.00

1 person for 2.25 hours (includes parking fee)

You too can enjoy and afford a professional cleaning of your home!

Cleaning supplies are provided. Standard 2 person team cleaning packages are a minimum of 3 worker hours @ $145,

1 person micro cleanings start at $105 for 2.25 hours.  Parking and service fee(s) of $10 each applied to all jobs when applicable.

Service Packages

Find the package that fits your needs, then layer on any additional services. 

Remember, we'll work together to customize your scope of work.

Micro units and Studios 

Our cost effective solution for studio apartment cleanings allows for our professionally trained staff to clean your home for 2.25 hours.  We start in the bathroom, then move to the kitchen, then with the remaining time we attend to the living area.


Starting at $105*

1 Bedroom 1 Bath Units

We have a standard checklist of areas we clean, or we can go off your provided list the day of the cleaning.  Our workers are trained to complete an area before moving to the next, so if the condition of your home requires extra attention then we may not be able to complete our checklist by the reserved time, additional time can be added if scheduling permits.



2 Bedroom 2 Bath Units

Perhaps you have a list of the areas you want us to clean.  No problem!   Please provide us with the list prior to our team arriving and we will clean your areas in the order you list them.  We cannot guarantee we will have enough time to address each area, but we will do our best.  Additional time can be added if scheduling permits.


1 BD - 1BA  starting at $145*

  2BD - 2BA  starting at $165*



* -additional surcharges like $25 pet surcharge not included.  2 person teams start at $135 for 2 workers for 1.5 hours, again, this does not include any surcharges (parking or pet).

Move Out Cleanings

Move out cleanings include cleaning inside cabinets, drawers, closets, baseboards, spot clean walls (no paint repair), window interior, and a full clean of the bathroom and kitchen.  We include cleaning of 1 appliance interiors (fridge or oven, additional items $45 each)


Starting at $235  -  5 man hours

Does not includes Pet fee if necessary  

Timed Cleaning

Unsure of how much time you need at your home  You can reserve a cleaning window and we can add time if needed to complete the tasks.  We bill in 1/2 hour increments at a rate of $45 per worker hours.  This gives you the flexibility to add additional areas of tasks and you can ensure 100% of the scope of work will be completed, and that you are only billed for the time we are in your building/home.


Pets and Parking

We all love in Seattle, so we know we love our pets and parking is a premium.  


 - If you have free parking we do ask you alert our office and make the arrangements so our team can use the space.  Otherwise, we charge up to $10 per cleaning for street parking.


-If you have a pet we charge a $25 surcharge for the additional time required to clean the home.  if you have multiple pets we may charge more than 1 fee for each pet.


Special Request

If you have a request, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss with you options and additional services like:packing, unpacking, organizing, de-cluttering, or deep deep cleaning.


*Consultation needed to assess cost.


Severe Allergies or Chemical Sensitivities?

Learn about our vapor cleaning

Additional Services

Add any service to your cleaning package.

Oven Cleaning

  • Oven Interior cleaning (Standard) - $45

  • Double Oven Interior cleaning (Standard) - $80

  • Oven Interior cleaning (Vapor) - $80

  • Double Oven Interior cleaning (Vapor) - $150

Barbecue Cleaning

  • Small Gas BBQ (Standard)- $45

  • Small Gas BBQ (Vapor)- $90

  • Large Gas BBQ (Standard)- $60

  • Large Gas BBQ (Vapor)- $120

Refrigerator Cleaning

  • Fridge Interior Cleaning (Standard) - $45

  • Fridge Interior Cleaning (Vapor)- $85

Window Cleaning

  • Window Interior (Max. Height 8') - Starting at $45 (billed hourly afterwards at standard rate)

Mattress Cleaning

  • Mattress Vapor Sanitizing (Full/Twin) - $45 per 
    Mattress Vapor Sanitizing (Queen/King) -
    $55 per 

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Customer Service Guarantee!

• All cleanings that are not time restricted will have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

• If a customer is unhappy with their routine, initial, or deep cleaning service we will send out a team or supervisor within 24 hours to address their concerns and re-clean the area in question.  

• All routine cleaning must have an initial cleaning prior to starting service to qualify for our Satisfaction Guarantee, additional deep cleanings may be required as warranted by team/supervisor/customer.

• Timed cleaning options, whereas we are only allowed to stay at a home for a designated time, do not carry our satisfaction guarantee.  

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