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Every business to us is Essential, but right now we are limited.

Every business to us is considered essential, but at this time we can only service those who have been labeled essential by the state. We have been servicing those clients without Shield Disinfectant which is an anti-microbiological surface treatment that we apply with our electrostatic sprayers.

This solution provides prolonged protection of days or even weeks after each application. We also can provide testing of our client's facilities to ensure they are maintaining a safe level of effectiveness of the surface treatment.

This unique surface treatment has been tested by Emerald City Cleaning's private lab to kill the Coronavirus and other envelope viruses. We are one of the very few cleaning firms that have partnered with a certified microbiological lab to ensure our solution is effective and provide this testing outside of the EPA label's statements. Our full suite of services can allow facilities to safely stay open with only weekly applications of our disinfectant. Daily sanitation can still occur over the top of our treatment, but the anti-microbiological surface treatment will provide COVID killing power for days, 24 hours a day, thus working as hard as each of these business owners who are ready to reopen Seattle!

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