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Residential Cleaning

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We've proudly cleaned Seattle metro homes for 17 years!

Each job is specially tailored towards your exact needs.

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Certified Cleaning Professionals

Our success is dictated by the work we execute and the long-term partnerships we're grateful to build.

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured

  • WA State General Contractor (EMERACC824NZ)

  • OSHA 10 Certified teams available upon request

  • PPE equipped teams upon request

  • All employees are uniformed and documented

  • All employees are periodically drug tested

  • All employees are screened and thoroughly vetted


Residential Cleaning Services

Routine Cleaning
Choose a cleaning schedule that works best for you - weekly or bi-weekly. Leave a note if you have any special requests and we'll take care of it.
Move-Out Cleaning
Whether you are listing your house or condo or looking to recover your entire rental deposit, we can help you whip your home back into pristine shape. Window cleaning, oven cleaning, and fridge cleaning charges are extra. See a list of additional available services below.

Starting at $480-8 Worker hours*

Sterilization and Add-ons
Whether you need electrostatic sterilization, oven or fridge cleaning, or even window cleaning, we have you covered.  

Deep Cleaning (required for ALL routine clients)
Sometimes it takes some extra attention to get your home back up to par.  Our teams will come in and get underneath all your furniture and clean from ceiling to floor, eliminating the dirt and grim.
Starting at $360-6 worker hours*

In order to determine the final cost, it is necessary to schedule a consultation.
Special Request
If you have a request, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss with you options and additional services like packing, unpacking, organizing, de-cluttering, or deep deep cleaning.

Consultation needed to assess cost.

Fridge & oven cleaning is priced at $60 per appliance.

Our window cleaning services start at $90 for exterior cleaning, and the price may vary based on the size of the windows.

Sterilization services are charged at $90 per hour and the price may vary based on the type of sterilization required.

Please note that there is a pet surcharge of $35 and a parking fee of $10, if applicable to your home. 


All the cleanings listed above are timed cleanings and do not carry our service guarantee. However, please feel free to consult with us to qualify for our guarantee of service.


24 Hour Cleaning

Call us to see how we can work best with you!


We accommodate all operating schedules

Additional Services

Add any of the following services to your cleaning package.

Oven Cleaning
  • Oven Interior cleaning (Standard)$60

  • Double Oven Interior cleaning (Standard)$90

  • Oven Interior cleaning (Vapor)$90

  • Double Oven Interior cleaning (Vapor)$160

Refrigerator Cleaning
  • Fridge Interior Cleaning (Standard)$60

  • Fridge Interior Cleaning (Vapor)$85

Window Cleaning
  • Window Interior (Max. 8') - Starting at$90
       (billed hourly afterward at standard rate)
  • Window Exterior (site survey usually required) - Our team can perform a site survey once we have your address, or see our pricing for options.

Customer Service Guarantee

We take pride in providing Seattle's best cleaning service!

  • All cleanings that are not time-restricted will have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

  • If a customer is unhappy with their routine, initial, or deep cleaning service we will send out a team or supervisor within 24 hours to address their concerns and re-clean the area in question.  

  • All routine cleaning must have an initial cleaning prior to starting service, additional deep cleanings may be required as warranted by team/supervisor/customer.

  • Timed cleaning options, whereas we are only allowed to stay at a home for a designated time, do not carry our satisfaction guarantee.  

  • Right now we are not taking on clients who want just a one-time cleaning.  To be our client right now we must service your home on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  We will lift this requirement once we have caught up with the demands for routine clients.

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Chemicals that are chosen for everyone's safety

Our line of enzyme based solutions are safe for your family, staff and our employees

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