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How Vapor Cleaning Works

Our VCS solution eliminates 99.9999% of all viruses and micro-organism, and is in fact the ONLY one approved by the EPA as an EPA APPROVED DISINFECTANT DEVICE!   Our VCS system is 1000% more powerful than ANY chemical disinfectant, organism are killed in seconds not minutes like chemical solutions (see charts below).  By bombarding bacteria and viruses with Nano Vapor Particles (TANCS Crystals) you destroy them on a cellular level.

Our VPS systems heat TANCS® treated water to over 320 degrees inside the boiler, then emits vapor at 220 degrees creating what is known as “dry steam” which dries almost immediately upon contact with surfaces. 


This high heat is enough to kill viruses, micro-organisms, bacteria, and bugs but the low moisture level protects your furnishing and finishes.  The variable adjustment on the hand wand allows the technician to apply the appropriate amount of vapor for the application, and proper training by the manufacturer, dealer and IICRC certified operators ensures proper delivery.


What is TANCS?

TANCS is an acronym that stands for:

  • Thermal

  • Accelerated

  • Nano

  • Crystal

  • Sanitation

This is a molecular process that changes minerals that are in the tap water to millions of nano crystals. 

These nano crystals then enter into the boiler where they are super heated to over 320 degrees. 

As they come into contact with bacteria or viruses they compromise the cellular wall and the high heat then kills the cells.

Only Vapor Systems equipped with TANCS are true EPA approved Disinfection Devices for use in residential, commercial, industrial, medical, and lab facilities.

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