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Out of Reach? Bringing cleaning to new heights.

So what do you do when you have hard to access windows? Well we have the solution. From one man lifts to telescoping vapor and window cleaning equipment, we can access 100% of your space getting to those hard to reach areas.

Our client had windows that were above their commercial kitchen. The dirt and grime had accumulated up there for several years, as had the dust and debris. We were able to use our vapor machine, specialized lifting equipment and our telescoping window washing tools to address the areas that are not visible from below.

It's the hidden dirt and soil that can fall and contaminate your kitchen. So when you are looking for a bid, be sure to ask us about light fixtures, HVAC piping and registers. Those areas are overlooked or are hard for most firms to clean, but at Emerald City Cleaning we have a custom solution that will fit your needs.

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