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New site for local Chapter needs our special attention

What do you do when you are taking over a new space and the previous tenant did not leave the space in the condition you expected? Well you hire Emerald City Cleaning!

Our team will come through and create a job detail consisting of multiple rounds of cleaning. By Addressing your BOH and FOH areas separately we are able to work around you and your staff as you get you space ready.

Some clients may need post construction cleaning, while others just need us to address floors and walls. Some still yet need us to help with appliance detailing and sterilization. We have worked with so many businesses and organizations that we have the experience to help you choose the services that you need.

Whether you want us to take on 100% of the tasks, or you want us to work in conjunction with your staff, we can provide you with a custom solution that works and is within your budget! All jobs include a NOT TO EXCEED price, so you can price your opening budget and impress your principles!

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