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Popular Seattle destination gets a well needed cleaning.

When you hire your own staff to complete your cleanings you may be saving a dollar here and there, but do they really address all the areas? Consistent and prolonged negligence is inevitable when you have your own staff clean your space. It's not your fault, they are not trained and do not have the right equipment to get the job done. That is why so many restaurants and commercial kitchens hire us for our Steam Pressure washing and Vapor Cleaning solutions.

With the combo of our Steam and Vapor machines we are able to cut through grease and grim that have been accumulating for years. In just an evening, we can bring back to life any sized kitchen. These regular or one time cleanings are necessary to keep your kitchen staff moral up, and to abide by city ordinances.

If you have a kitchen that has been attended to by your staff, but you feel there are cutting corners, or are just not able to get to everything before or after hours, then give us a call. Our consultations are free, detailed, and we provide you with a NOT TO EXCEED price, so there are no hidden charges after we are done.

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