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Vapor Cleaning? Where and when do you need to use that?

Not sure if you need to order our vapor cleaning services? You say your kitchen staff is on top of it, and that your servers already attend to your FOH and bathrooms, but how good of a job are they really doing? YOU COULD ALWAYS USE SOME HELP, if you think your kitchen doesn't need routine maintenance or occassional deep cleanings, then your mistaken.

Even the best kept kitchens need occassional professional cleanings, if you have questions give us a call and we can come by for a consutlation to show you what we can help you with. They are free, and we can afterwards present you with a comprehensive list of the areas we can service. Now commitment, no "on the spot" selling. Our prices are NOT TO EXCEED prices, so you wil not be charged afterwards for unforseen time or fees, we have 10,000's of hours of experience estimating what it takes to complete a job, and can work within your budget to ensure all parties are satisfied.

Give us a call at 206-529-4700 to reserve a consultation. We are usally booked 2 weeks in advance, but we occassional have a free team for last minute requests, just call us and we can see how we can help you out :)

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