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Fraternity/Sorority? We have solutions for large multi unit homes and estates.

So if you are not familiar with the Fraternity and Sorority homes at UW let us start with the fact that most are over 12,000 sq.ft and have what would be considered a small restaurant or two in each. These kitchens are run by professional chefs, but they are also serving and preparing 3 meals a day with many special events throughout the year. These homes are BUSY.

When our clients call us from "The Row" we are able to provide them not only with professional kitchen and FOH service area cleanings with our vapor and steam units, but we are also able to assist them with detailed cleaning of their small appliances, fixtures, and seating areas. In some cases we even will extend our services beyond their common areas and provide them with QTR cleaning of their high traffic areas and bathrooms/showers.

It takes a professional firm to address certain areas in a realistic timeline. So in cases like these where you have very short windows of opportunity to clean, our firm is able to bring larger teams with quickly delegate and address the neglected areas so that we are in and out of the client's space quickly.

If you have a larger multi family/person home or estate like one of these homes, give us a call and we will be able to come by and give you an estimate on our services, remember we will give you a not to exceed price, so you will only spend what you can afford.

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