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How easily does Covid-19 spread on surfaces?

Turns out that maybe Covid-19 does not spread as easily from surfaces to us as we originally thought. Air or aerosol contamination is going to be the number one transmission process for this virus,w which is why wearing a mask is so important. So when you sneeze, cough, yawn or talk you are potentially releasing or absorbing those fine moisture droplets that can contain the virus.

But how about touching a surface and then touching your face, mouth, eye, or item that you eventually ingest? That transmission process may be overstated in early papers, but the fact is we cannot just ignore this type of contamination possibility even though it may not be the number one way to spread the virus.

This having been said, we all know that we still must treat those high touch surfaces. Daily disinfection or multiple times a day disinfections are also starting to poison us. Dr. Erica Liebelt who is the Executive and Medical Director of the Washington Poison Control has stated "We got a lot of calls about spray cleaners and when spray accidentally gets in the eyes". They WA poison control has also noticed a 52% increase in hand sanitizer exposure to kids, and a 53% cleaner exposure increase overall to the public.

This continuous exposure to these disinfectants and sanitizer are eventually going to be a problem. So how do we deal with this overexposure to these chemicals, and reduce the labor that comes with this daily cleaning, as that is not sustainable is our recovering market either?

If you are an office manager, facilities director, business owner, or commercial property manager in Seattle give us a call NOW (206-529-4700). We have teams that are spraying commercial properties now, it is far more affordable than you think. We can go over the science with you and show you how our solution in conjunction with your new cleaning protocol will provide a proven and lab-certified solution for your staff and the public.

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