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How long are we going to live with this new normal?

Many people have been asking how long will we be living with this Covid-19 and its monumental impact on our daily life.

The fact is this has changed us forever. Whether it is how we shop, how we travel, how we work, or how we socialize, we will be living with this virus for potentially years.

So, that having been said, how are we going to continue to grow our markets, businesses, and personal health? Disinfection. That one word will be the most used word in the coming months/years. How you disinfectant, what you use to disinfectant, and how often you disinfect are going the be the answer to your success or failure.

We do not need to fear the Covid-19, but we should respect this small but formidable enemy virus. This microorganisms has been responsible for shuttering world economies and destroying health care infrastructures in just weeks.

So if we are not to fear this virus how do we tackle the pandemic problem? The simple answer is, be proactive not reactive. Until recently you only had one choice for disinfection, that choice was apply a chemical so it will kill what is on the surface.

Imagine being able to apply an antimicrobial surface treatment to a surface when it was manufactured, then that surface will for the life of the product disinfect iteslf, killing microorganisms, like viruses, bacteria, and fungi on contact, thus being literally the cleanest item in the room day after day. This barrier once applied to the surface will work day after day, 24 hours a day, year after year, killing those microorganisms on contact. Impossible you say? Well at this time we have not developed that particular molecular bonding material which provides a lifelong barrier, but there are EPA approved treatments that do provide prolonged disinfection for days.

Wait, why havent I heard of this on CNN or NBC yet?

This EPA approved product has in fact been around for now over 2 years, and in fact the microbial barrier technology is not new. What is new, sort of, is our enemy. The coronavirus has spun our world into a new normal, where we have to deliver multiple levels of protection. So your days of handshakes and packed concerts are on pause for now, instead we have mandatory social distancing and face masks. The same is true for our cleaning techniques and protocol. Now we must apply a long lasting antimicobial barrier on the surfaces and then still use or tradition disinfectants on top. This multi layer approach will allow us all the ultimate protection.

So what if we cannot afford specialized cleaning products much less this multi layered chemical approach? Well yes, many firms outside of hospitals and medical centers may not be able to sustain this new level of absolute disinfection, so how do they compete? The antimicrobial surface treatments will allow businesses and facility management firms to provide a less expensive solution for prolonged protection between applications. A one time application of the these treatments will provide long term protection. You only would need to pay to apply the chemical every 7-10 days thus decreasing your labor and chemical expenses while also reducing your impact on guests, workers, and the public.

The fact is we cannot escape this virus, and we must move forward, so how will we protect our workers, or families and ourselves? The simple answer is time, spacing, and disinfection. Antimicrobial surface treatments are just one part of the solution.

How long are we going to need to live like this?

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