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What is open and what is closed in Washington?

Well there is no definitive date, just a selection of matrixes that the state administration has adopted as the signs that we are ready to move to the next phase. When Phase 2 does happen HOUSECLEANING is said to be included. We assume at this time we will also be able to start servicing our commercial accounts and small businesses that are considered ESSENTIAL right now.

You see we can start now and clean your home or your business if you or your business are only considered ESSENTIAL (medial professionals, first responders, law enforcement community, certain government officials, etc). Now that we are in Phase 1 we can also service any company that is included in this round. That would include car dealerships, casinos, to name just a couple. However there are several residential cleaning firms who are and have been going out there and cleaning nonessential homes. They claim it is allowed, but that is just not the case. Many of these are pointing at the fact that "cleaners" is included in the initial ESSENTIAL workforce, but that is ONLY if you are servicing an essential business or person. These businesses are running the risk of not only contaminating the homes they visit, but also jeopardizing their staff's health.

At this time the state government has not released the proper protection protocol for residential cleaning. This protocol could include how the worker interacts with the home owner, what the worker needs to wear, how long they can be inside the home, and how large the teams can be for exposure and commuting or travel purposes. We have already been proactive on all of these possibilities, and in fact have purchased a fleet of smart cars that will allow us to send 1 person teams to homes and apartments to minimize our staff and client's exposure to the outside community.

When Phase 2 does come, we will be ready. We will open our online booking APP which we have tuned up to deal with the surge in demand that is to come from this new step in our economic recovery. We have brought on 50% more staff, and have additional PT workers that will begin to fill in the gaps when we exceed our ability to safely service our clients. We have filmed PPE doning/doffing and social distancing instructional videos for our staff as well as trained them virtually on what the "new normal" will be for them as they begin to interact with our clients.

Rest assured we are ready to servicing our community. Right now though we can only service our current ESSENTIAL businesses with our Shield Disinfectant. If you are having your house cleaned, and say "well they wore masks and stayed 6' away so it was ok" that may not be enough, so buyer beware. Additional approved disinfecting protocol of their equipment, glove changing protocol, how will teams commute to each home, and many other items are yet to be determined, so what you are are getting is that companies best guess of what they think is "safe". Remember, these firms are more interested in making easy money right now (no competition), not your safety, if they were they were putting you first they would wait for this protocol to be released and housecleaning is allowed in WA state.

"WHEREAS, the science also suggests that some business activities can be conducted with limited exposure to customers while ensuring safe social distancing and hygiene practices. These business activities include landscaping, pet walking, car washing, vehicle and vessel sales, and retail limited to curb-side pickup, all of which are important to revitalizing Washington State’s economy, restoring jobs and providing necessary goods and services; and"

We are all in this together, and the companies that are waiting are the responsible ones who do have your best interest and your and your families health in mind. See you all in Phase 2 and until then take care of yourselves.

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