Vapor Cleaning Solution (VCS)

The most effective cleaning method. No chemicals. Kills 99.99%

Vapor vs. Chemicals

Green or not, all chemical cleaning solutions leave behind trace residual. Chemical cleaning also can take up to 20 minutes to reach full effectiveness, whereas our vapor solutions work in mere seconds killing on contact all micro-organisms with nano crystal technology.  


Remember when something lists that it kills 99.9%, you need to realize that that .1% is all you need to re-populate in as few as 24 hours.  Our VCS System will eliminate 99.9999%, almost complete sanitation, every time, no chemical can beat it.


For those clients with chemical sensitivity, have small children, asthma, allergies, houses with pets, or anyone who just wants their home to be truly clean, this is the solution for you.  We do not need to treat 100% of your home, but we can use our VCS systems to truly clean and sanitize your home.


Vapor cleaning almost parallels true medical and lab sterilization as you can get in a residential environment.

Before & After

Mosaic Grout
Marble floor
oven clenaing
shower tray